Access Logs

Login and logout information will be listed.
Admin or Co-admin can check all users' access logs.
Without the role, only individual logs will be listed.


Check access log

01. Go to access log

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the account name > Select "Access logs"
*You can access the same page from the side menu.
"System analysis" > "Access logs"

02. User interface

The following information will be shown.

03. Search

You can search by access date, user information, etc.

04. Login/logout information

The following status will be shown.

05. When failed to log in

When a user failed to log in, the following status will be shown.

 CSV export

Access logs can be exported to a CSV file.

01.CSV Export

Click on "CSV Export."

02. CSV data

Access logs will be shown as below.