SCORM 1.2 / LMS Item Selection

By linking learningBOX user information as an API item, SCORM materials can be learned without the need to log in.


Shared server/customization, API integration


How to set

01. Open the setting page

In the side menu, select "System Settings" > "Settings".

02. Setting items

In the "SCORM1.2/LMS Item Selection" field, set the following two items related to the user.
Save the settings.

cmi.core.student_id" to obtain learner ID
 You can choose from a login ID or an e-mail address.

cmi.core.student_name" to obtain the name of the learner
 You can choose from your name, display name, or login ID.

In the default settings, "cmi.core.student_id" is the login ID and "cmi.core.student_name" is the name.