If you wish to start a paid plan subscription or change your plan, you can do so on your own on learningBOX.
This page provides an overview.


Flow of Procedures

01. Select your order details

Open the learningBOX order page and select what you want in terms of plans, licenses, etc.
*For more details, refer to Rate Plans.

02. Select payment method

Once you have completed your order selection, continue to select your payment method.
You can choose from the following three methods of payment.

PayPal payment
Bank transfer
Bill Payment

*For more details, refer to Tell me about your payment options..

Automatic continuation of paid plan subscriptions

Paid plan subscriptions can be automatically continued.
This eliminates the need for customers to apply for renewal each time.
*For more details, refer to Order History ListPlease refer to "Automatic Continuation of Paid Plan Subscription" in