This function allows users to apply for registration separately from the process of administrators registering and inviting users.
Recommended for cases where membership registration by users is required (e.g., when providing e-learning for BtoC, such as online certification exams).


Shared Server/Customization

Before using this service

To use this function, it is necessary to configure the settings on our side in advance.
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general flow

The general flow from new member registration to the start of study on the user side is shown in the figure below.

How to set

01. Open the setting page

In the side menu, select "User Management" > "Registration Settings".
The "Registration Settings" tab of the "User Information Settings Management" screen will open.

02. Enable

If you wish to use "Account Application Registration", please turn the "Enable Membership Registration" toggle On.

03. Automatic Approval Settings

If you wish to automatically approve membership applications from users without administrator approval, please turn the "Automatically approve membership applications" toggle On.

04. Delete unactivated users

Users who have not yet been activated (i.e., they have applied for membership but have not yet completed the authentication process via the URL in the e-mail they receive) can be set to be deleted after a certain number of days have elapsed since their application.
If you wish to use it, turn the "Remove unactivated users" toggle On and enter the number of days you wish to set.

Membership registration on the user side

Next, we will explain the process of membership registration on the user side.

01. Open new member registration screen

On the screen before logging in, click "Sign up for free membership" in the side menu.
*Refer toThe group to which the user is to be registered isDRAWINGS"the user accesses the new member registration screen directly from the URL.

02. Input each item

Enter your name, login ID, password, and other information necessary for membership registration.
When all the information has been entered, click "Confirmation", confirm the information, and then click "Apply with the above information".

03. Confirmation of member registration e-mail

When you apply for membership, the following e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Click on the "URL for member authentication" in the body of the e-mail to authenticate.
*At this point, the user cannot log in because authorization has not been completed.

Management of user applications

This section explains the process of managing applications on the administrator's side after an application has been submitted by a user.

01. Open the management screen

Log in as administrator and select "Manage Account Applications" > "Manage Account Applications" in the side menu.

02. Approval/Disapproval

Applications from users are listed at the bottom of the screen.
(You can also filter by "Status / Login ID / Email Address / Application Date" at the top of the screen.)
Click "Approve" or "Do not approve".

Click "Approve/Not Approve" to open the "Account Application Details" pop-up.
Review the contents and click "Approve / Not Approve".
*To notify users by e-mail, please tick the "Notify by e-mail" box at the bottom of the popup.

About Status

There are three types of application statuses

  • Unapproved: User has not yet chosen whether to approve the application after submitting it.
  • Not approved: The application was not approved by the administrator.
  • Not activated: The user has applied for membership, but has not yet completed the authentication process using the URL from the e-mail received afterward.

03. Automatic Approval

When a user applies for membership, the application is automatically approved without any approval on the part of the administrator.
*About the settings,Set up automatic approval.".

Assigning groups to register users

You can set up separate groups for each user to register by issuing a URL for each group you have created and allowing users to access that URL to register as new members.

01. Open the setting page

In the side menu, select "Manage Account Applications" > "Registration Screen URL".
The "Registration Screen URL" tab of the "User Information Settings Management" screen will open.

02. URL Issuance

Click on "Publish URL" to the right of the target group.

Click "Publish" when the following pop-up opens.
To set an authentication code, turn on the "Authentication Code" toggle and set the code in the input field.
 Up to 10 authentication codes can be set for a single URL.

Bulk publishing of URLs

URLs can be issued to multiple groups at once.
Tick the checkbox to the left of each group and click "Publish URL" at the top of the screen.

03. Edit/Stop URL

To edit/deactivate a URL that has already been issued, click "Edit/deactivate" to the right of the target group.
*It is also possible to stop all URLs at once. Tick the checkbox to the left of each group and click "Stop" at the top of the screen.

04. Download the registration screen URL

A list of registered groups and issued URLs can be downloaded in CSV format.
Click on "CSV Download" in the upper right corner of the screen.
The registered groups and published URLs will be downloaded in a list.