AI Assist - Quiz/Exam

AI automatically generates a quiz/exam.


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AI Assist

This function allows you to add questions generated by AI.
To generate questions, you need to add the following content to learningBOX in advance: Video/PDF/Web page. Or you can just add text or URL when generating.

Reference source

Each reference source for AI Assist is as follows:

VideoAudio data of the uploaded video
*Image data in the video will not be reflected in the quiz.
PDF teaching materialsText information used in the PDF file.
Web pageText information used in the Web page.
TextEntered text
URLWebsite: text information extracted by scraping
For YouTube: Generate questions based on the subtitles of the video.

*Scraping is a technique for extracting, formatting, and analyzing arbitrary information from a website.

Generate quiz/exam with AI Assist

This section explains how to create a quiz/test using AI Assist.
*For the basic process of creating quiz/exam, refer to Create quiz/exam.

01. Go to Manage content

Go to Manage content and open the Quiz/exam creation form.
Click on the icon with the red frame.

02. Select a content to use

Select a content from the list to generate a quiz.
Select the quiz format and number of questions.
*MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) (radio button) and MCQ (button) are selectable.

03. Automatic generation of questions

Click "Generate by AI."

Tick the question(s) you want to add to the creation form and click "Add to Form."

04. Save

The selected questions will be added to the form.
Make sure the contents, and save the file.

Usage limit

AI Assist has a usage limit depending on your contract.
Note that each use will be counted when you use AI.
*For more details, refer to  AI Assist.