Assessment Tag

Grade analysis can be more specified by using assessment tags for quizzes/exams.
Utilizing the tags will be a big help to check the level of understanding and proficiency for each question.
*Tags are required to be set for quiz/exam questions.


Content manager (Edit)



01. Set tags

Go to Manage content and click the gear icon on the top > Assessment tags

Click on "Create New."



02. Create benchmark

Enter text and select On to allow all Content managers to use this benchmark.


Percentage: Score ÷ Max points × 100
Grade: Text displayed according to the result of the percentage

Click "Save" in the lower right corner of the page.

*To add a new tag, click on "Add tag for evaluation."

03. Apply to content

Go back to the "Assesssment tags" page and click on the pencil icon.

Select the Application to content tab.
You can set the assessment tags you created in the step 02 to the quiz/exam.

Tick the content which you want to set the assessment tags to and click "Save."


When the tags are applied, added tag labels will be shown.

04. Apply tags

Go to the Quiz/exam creation form, and add tags to the section/question.

*For more details, refer to  Create quiz/exam and Tags.

05. Edit tag

You can edit, copy and delete from the following three icons in the red frame.
Also, tags can be searched by keyword, tag name and duration. Click the Filter button to search.


Only Content manager (Edit all content) can edit the assessment tags.

How to check grades

Quizzes and exams that have been graded by assessment tags can be viewed on the "Check grades" page.

01. Go to Check grades

Select the content from the "My grades" or "List" tabs.
Click on the Details button.

02. Select Assessment tags

The results will be shown with the tags you set.


When you set the exam mode not to show points,
the "Assessment tags" tab will not be shown on the detail page.

Grades refer to data when learners complete content.
When the benchmark is edited after the learner completes the content, the grade will refer to the original data.

Check!How section tags/Question tags are calculated

Section tags and question tags are tabulated respectively.
Section tags refer to the percentage in the section for grading.

When assessment tags are set to both section and question, calculation method will be as follows:

When assessment tags are set to section tag, calculation method will be as follows: