Filter users

Specific criteria can be set to narrow down the users to be displayed on the user management screen.


Group Management Edit/View Permissions


Setting Refinement Criteria

01. Open the setting page

Open the user management screen.
Click on the "Refine" button on the right side of the screen.

02. Selection of conditions

The following window will be shown.
Two major criteria for filtering can be selected: the user's "status" and "first login date".
You can reset the specified condition by clicking on "Release Condition.
After completing the settings, click the "Refine Search" button.


Tick the status of the user you wish to display.
*Multiple selections are available.

  • validity
  • invalid
  • pause
  • unauthorized
  • unapproved
  • unenabled

For "Not Approved," "Not Approved," and "Not Activated" statuses, with a paid customization option subscription, Register for an required.

First Login Date

You can specify the condition of the first login date of the user to be displayed.

  • All periods
  • Specify a time period (click on the "Start Date" and "End Date" blanks and select the respective dates from the calendar).
  • No initial login