Score board

The user's answers can be displayed in a pie chart or bar graph.
Based on the percentage of correct answers, the administrator can objectively check the difficulty level of questions and areas of weakness/strength as a trend for the learners as a whole, and for the learners as a trend for themselves.


Content manager (Edit)


How to set

The content that can set up a tally board is,Quizzes and tests, SCORM materials, surveys."only.
As an example, we will create a tally board for a quiz/test.

01. Go to Manage content

Click on "Manage content."

02. Open the setting page

First, create a quiz/test.
Next, right-click or click on the gear icon on the quiz/test you created and select "Set score board".

03. Settings

First, turn the "Show score board" toggle On.
Next, set the conditions under which the score board will be displayed to users.

  • See after answering a quiz: Viewable without answering when you are Grade manager role.
  • Viewable once you pass: Viewable without passing when you are Grade manager role.

*If both are turned off, the tally board can be viewed even if the user has not yet learned.
Finally, please tick the desired display period(s) (multiple selections allowed).


01. Display icons

The score board can be found under "Select a course".
When an aggregate board is set up, the following icon appears in the lower right corner of the content.

02. Display of score board

The user's solution results are displayed.
The graph display can be switched between a pie chart and a bar chart using the pull-down menu.
If multiple display periods are set, you can switch between them using the tabs at the top of the screen.