Basic settings

You can configure settings related to common items for the entire training function.

[What is the training function?]
You can build a training program with several courses.
Learners can select a training course from the list, make a reservation for the course, and take it within the specified period.


Customization options, content management editing privileges


How to set

The following is an explanation of each item.
*To save your edits, be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom right of the screen to exit.

01. Open the setting page

In the side menu, select "Training Functions" > "Basic Training Settings".

02. Settings

Set the following items.

▼Using the review function
You can set whether or not to use the review function, which allows users to post/view reviews (evaluations) of the training.
To use this notification, turn on the toggle key.

▼Use of training cancellations by users
You can set whether to allow users to cancel training sessions.
To allow, turn the toggle On.

▼List cannot be viewed until logged in
You can set whether to allow users to view the training list screen before logging in.
To disable viewing, set the toggle to On.
When the *toggle is set to On, all share buttons will be hidden.

▼Share button image
The SHARE button is the "SHARE" button that appears on each training detail screen.
Here is a function that allows you to share information about the training on social networking sites.
You can set the image to be displayed in the popup that opens when a user clicks this share button.
Upload an image file by clicking the "Choose File."

▼ Hashtag
You can set a hashtag to be displayed when the training is shared on social networking sites.

03. Explanation on the Find Training page

A description can be set at the top of the "Find Training" screen, and this content can be edited here.

04. Initial value of list

You can configure settings related to the display of the training list on the "Find Training" screen.
You can choose whether to display/store the search condition column from the beginning, whether to display it in panel or list format, and what the rules are for the order of the trainings, ascending or descending order.

05. Search settings

On the "Find Training" screen, you can select the items to include as search criteria when searching for a training.
Please tick the items you wish to include in your search criteria.

06. Message upon completion of reservation

You can edit the content of the message that is displayed when a user completes a training reservation.
This can be edited separately for each case where automatic approval is set to ON or OFF.