This page explains courses/folders.


Difference between courses and folders

Learners follow content within each course.
Therefore, courses must be the top of the course structure.
Folders, on the other hand, are used to organize several content within a course.


The following explain a course.

 Create a course

01. Go to Manage content

Select Manage content on the side menu.
Click on the "+" icon > "Course"

02. Create a course

Enter a title of the course and save it.

Content can be added within a course.
Click on the course you have created and select content from the "+" icon.

Generate a course with AI

AI (ChatGPT-API) will automatically generate a course just by uploading videos and PDFs to learningBOX.
*For more details, refer to  AI Assist - Course Generation.

 Basic course settings

This function allows you to set a variety of options regarding a course.
*For more details, refer to Basic course settings.

Status and content to learn

When a learner clicks "Start" on a course after the second time, the passed content will be skipped and the next content will be automatically shown according to the priority order of the status.
Priority order:
In progress > Not attempted > Fail > Resubmit


The following explain folders.

Create a folder

A course is required to create before creating a folder.

01. Create a course

*For more details, refer to Create a course.

02. Go to the course you have created

Click on the course you have created.
Click on the "+" icon > "Folder"

03. Create a folder

Enter a title and save it.

To create content in a folder, click on the folder you have created, and go to the "+" icon.