Resend invitation email

You can send another invitation e-mail to registered users.
The following two methods can be used to send the information.

  • Send from TOP screen/Group screen
  • Send from user edit screen


Group manager(Edit)


Send from TOP screen/Group screen

01. Select user

Open the Groups screen by selecting the group to which the target user belongs from the TOP screen of User Management or the Groups list on the left.
Tick the box to the left of the user to be sent.

02. Transmission

With the user selected, click "Resend Email Invitation" at the top of the screen and select the "OK" button.

03. Detailed Settings

The following items will appear in the pop-up window that opens.

▼ Users subject to retransmission
A list of users to whom the invitation e-mail is sent is displayed.

▼Not eligible for resubmission due to non-valid account
If the selected user's status is not "active", he/she will be excluded from the invitation mail and will be listed here.

▼ Email Invitation Settings
Select an email template from the pull-down menu and click the "Edit" button to edit the content.
*Template editing requires "Mail Template Editing Authority".
For more details, refer to Management roles .

▼ Transmission start date and time
You can specify the date and time to send the invitation e-mail. Click on the "Send Start Date and Time" field and select the date and time.

Tip: Resend invitation mail to non-logged-in users.

In User Management, users can be narrowed down to those to be displayed by specifying the "Status" and "First Login Date" conditions. Using this function, it is possible to narrow down users who have not yet logged in to learningBOX and resend invitation e-mails to them.
*For more details, refer to Refine.".

Send from user edit screen

*For more details, refer to Edit user informationPlease refer to "Resend Invitation Email" in the "Invitation Email" section.

Password Change Settings

You can set whether or not to change the password when you resend the invitation e-mail to the user.
*For more details, refer to Password Preferences.Please refer to "Setting up password changes when resending invitation e-mails" in the following section.