Edit content

The following explain each menu in the list of the Edit icon on the content.
Depending on the content type, course or folder, the menu will be different.


Edit content

Depending on the content type, displayed menu will be different.
The main menu is as follows:

  • Create content
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Re-upload
  • Edit

Advanced video settings

*For more details, refer to  Show time of video.

Access period

Duration to show courses/content can be set.
Depending on the content type, different menu will be shown.
The main menu is as follows:

  • Internal: The content will be shown only in your learningBOX.
  • Open quiz: The content will be open to the Open quiz page on learningBOX and other users can select it even they are not registered in your user list.
  • Private: The content will be hidden on the Select a course page.

Limit attempts

*For more details, refer to  Content list, "Limit attempts."

Learning division

Content can be included/excluded from the learning progress within the course/folder.
*For more details, refer to  Optional content mode.


You can set the thumbnail image, title and other options regarding appearance of the content.
*For more details, refer to  Appearance.

Session notification

Email notifications can be sent to learners depending on their status.
*Notifications can be sent to the admin, manager(s) or learners respectively, and individual settings are available.
To use this function, turn on the toggle key and select when to send the notification.


 Email Settings allow you to set the same notification.
*The settings applied on each content will take precedence.

Grading workflow

You can set the grading method for content.
*For more details, refer to Grades and Scoring.

 Score amend settings

You can amend scores after learners submit quizzes/exams.
*For more details, refer to  Amend score settings.

 Exam mode

You can disallow learners to view their results including pass/fail, scores and answer details.
*For more details, refer to   Exam mode.

Access period

*For more details, refer to   Access period.

Deadline reminder

*For more details, refer to Answers/submission deadline indicator.

Interlocking content

*For more details, refer to  Interlocking content.

 Convert to specified version

You can convert the existing content to the version specified on the Manage generator version page.

IP address restriction

*For more details, refer to  Manage IP Restrictions.

Content assignment

*For more details, refer to  Assign content.

Course size limit

You can limit the amount of data that can be registered in a course.
*For more details, refer to  Course size limit.


You can create a shortcut.
*For more details, refer to  /Shortcut.


Content can be duplicated.
The duplicated content is different from the original content.
You can edit it apart from the original content and the grade will be saved as another one.

Duplicate (Content as shortcut)

When a course/folder is duplicated, the content in the course/folder will be created as shortcuts.
*Refer to Duplicate /Shortcut.


Badges can be set for courses, folders and content.
Right-click or click on the gear icon on the content and select "Set Badge."

Display Settings

You can show/hide the badge on the user interface.
Tick the box to show a badge.

Choose badge

Select a badge from the list.
You can also create a new badge.

▼ None
No badges will be given.

▼Create a new badge
You can create a new badge.
*For more details, refer to Manage badges.

▼Use an existing badge
Select the badge from the list.

Content category settings

The content category set for the badge will be displayed.
*For more details, refer to Manage badges.


*For more details, refer to  Leaderboard.

Score board

*For more details, refer to  Score board.

 Function test settings

Learners can check whether the system works properly with their devices before they start the content.
*For more details, refer to  Functional test settings.


This function allows learners to check the instruction before moving on to the content.
*For more details, refer to  Instruction.


You can delete content.

Check grades

Grade manager can access to the list of assigned grade.
*For more details, refer to  List of grades.

Content URL

The following actions are available:

1. Copy
You can copy the URL of the content on the Select a course page.

2. Access
The page will be switched to the content on the Select a course page.
*When the content is out of the Access period or any other reasons to hide it, the page will be switched to the Dashboard.


Detailed information including the content version, registered date and data storage.